International forum on internal and
inbound tourism in Russia
26 May, 2016
Russia Travelling!

Russian travel market is changing radically nowadays. The year 2015 showed that the quantity of outbound tourists reduced by 40% and the share of travelers within the country is constantly growing.

The Russian government is trying to support the tendency of internal tourism development by improving standards and legal regulation, creating new programs and events. Representatives of travel business are trying to adapt their business models in the shortest perspectives. Soon the Russian tourism has to become competitive and sound for consumers.

Forum "Russia Travelling!" will gather business and government representatives to discuss problems and possibilities of internal and inbound tourism in Russia.

Communication platform for tourism industry business leaders
Best experts and speakers
1st Forum on internal and inbound tourism in Russia
How to male Russia more attractive for tourists?
How tourists choose travel destinations?
MICE-opportunities for Russia & CIS-countries
Foreign experience of internal and inbound tourism development
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Conference audience

  • Tour operators and agencies
  • ОТА
  • Insurance companies
  • Investors
  • MICE-agencies
  • Hotels
  • IT-developers
  • Travel-startups
  • Companies involved in
    tourism activity


Experts say

Alexander Stoliarov

International Tank Biathlon Federation

“This year most of the Russian people have restricted opportunities for travelling abroad. Our task is to propose sound alternative variant. To achieve this we have all needed point: unique environment, innovative projects, fast developing transport infrastructure and the main – great desire to raise the attractiveness of Russian tourism industry!”

Feodor Egorov


“International Forum on internal and inbound tourism in Russia is very up-to-date now! Many regions and companies have some experience which they can share with colleagues to combine the forces and improve the current situation.”

Irina Kuzmina

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

“The sustainable development of nationaltourism is capable to make a powerful contribution to ensuring economic growth of any country. In this context the potential of internal tourism in Russia still remains underestimated. Unprecedented cultural and historical and recreational resources of our country are used not at full capacity. Therefore the Forum aimed at effective stimulation of internal tourism is an important and up-to-date initiative".

Sergey Parondjanov

Patriot Park

"The current state of international political situation in many traditional recreation areas in Russia leaves much to be desired. It is one of the main reasons why many tourists cancel their tours. This situation must be improved thanks to such Forums.."

Karen Goncharov

National tourism association INNOVATION RUSSIA

Russia has unique opportunities for development of internal and outbound tourism. The tourist sphere can become the real driver of domestic economy. Public-private partnership could be an effective format of cooperation between government and business in the tourist industry. I am sure that the participants of the forum will develop real sound offers of support of the tourist sphere and their recommendations will be used by the Government of the Russian Federation during tourism development strategy realization.
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